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A Stone in the Water_Zolo2.jpg

Written and Directed

by Daniel M. Cohen

About the Film

A reclusive spinster abducts a pregnant woman to steal her baby. What she doesn’t know is that a ruthless murderer is out to kill the mother-to-be.

A dark thriller in the spirit of Misery and Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?


This is a psychological suspense thriller set in rural Central Oregon. Two eccentric farm women, MARTHA (Bonnie Bedelia), and her best friend, GRACE (Mary Kilpatrick) harbor the cover-up of a vicious murder they she and her best friend conceal for thirty-five years. But when a stranger, ALEX (Melissa Fumero) unexpectedly intrudes, their quiet, orderly lives are suddenly threatened. Before long, these two women from different worlds who both have terrible secrets are launched onto a deadly collision course.



Writer/Director                                                            Daniel M. Cohen

Producers                                                                        Howard Schor

                                                                                               Kathryn F. Galan

Director of Photography                                       Gneel Costello

Production Designer                                                Gary Loddo

Casting                                                                              Nancy Foy

Editor                                                                                 Josh Williams

Original Music                                                               Colten Tyler Williams

                                                                                               William Mickelson


Martha                                                                               Bonnie Bedelia

Alex                                                                                      Melissa Fumero

Frank                                                                                   David Fumero

Grace                                                                                   Mary Kilpatrick

Tom                                                                                       Ryan Klontz

Violet                                                                                   Kimberly Leemans

Fence                                                                                   David DaCosta

Young Martha                                                                 Kara Klontz

Young Grace                                                                     Mary Hildebrandt

Jake                                                                                       Kip Pierson

Brother                                                                                Rudy Arias

Dr. Sam                                                                                Michael Coffman                                                                                    

A Stone in the Water_Poster_500 x 1000.j
Teaser & Reviews

What People Are Saying

"Every once in a great while, a thriller comes along that is so fiendishly clever that you want to go into it knowing virtually nothing about the plot. Such is the case with A Stone in the Water, an indie feature shot in rural Oregon, that will keep surprising you through most of its running time ... Writer/director Dan Cohen has fashioned a story where everyone has something to hide, as well as something they will stop at nothing to achieve. ... Every time you think you’ve got the story figured out Cohen throws another curveball which sends the story spiraling in another direction. Bedelia (Die Hard), who has been working mostly on television in recent years, is a standout as Martha. ... As Alex, Fumero seems like the plucky heroine we would expect in a thriller, who slowly reveals her much more complicated character. ... A Stone In The Water is the sort of thriller that pulls you in, and once it does, won’t let you go." --Daniel M. Kimmel, North Shore Movies

“…if you’re a fan of Melissa Fumero and Bonnie Bedelia, you will not be disappointed... A Stone in the Water is a fun movie, faults and all. There’s still a lot of good stuff that pushes you to the edge of your seat. I didn’t talk about Bonnie Bedelia much, but her performance and character are fantastic and not worth spoiling in any way. Story issues aside, strap in and enjoy the ride." --Alan Ng, Film Threat

"A Stone in the Water is a gripping psychological thriller in Oregon that finds one woman getting into something far bigger than she knows... "I’m so used to seeing Melissa Fumero in police comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine.  In this film, the actress is delivering a performance against type ... I hope that the actress gets more chances to show off what she can do in dramas and thrillers."  --Danielle Salzman, Solzy at the Movies

ASITW Official Trailer 2021 Talk-KDMG

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